Enriching Lives and Cultivating a Healthy Community



CHAMPS Training is dedicated to the pursuit of holistic growth and well-being through the joy of play and physical activity. Our mission is to empower athletes by equipping them with essential sport and life skills that not only boost confidence but also nurture motivation and teamwork, enabling them to confront life's challenges like a champion.


At CHAMPS Training, we firmly believe that fostering exceptional Character, unwavering Hustle, an optimistic Attitude, a growth Mindset, and unyielding Perseverance serves as the winning formula for Success in sports, academics, and life.


Grounded in the principles of the American Development Model, CHAMPS Training prioritizes the holistic well-being of athletes across all skill levels. We offer a diverse range of sports experiences, allowing participants to develop versatile athletic skills. Through our inclusive and enjoyable physical activity programs, athletes gain proficiency in both the fundamentals of sports and essential life skills, including goal setting, concentration, emotional regulation, and teamwork.


Our vision at CHAMPS Training is to blend physical and mental health education, creating a platform for positive experiences. We aim to cultivate optimistic, self-assured, motivated, physically fit, and mentally adept individuals who embody the CHAMPS qualities in themselves and inspire them in others. Together, we aspire to build a community that nurtures and supports each other, fostering an environment where everyone thrives in life.

"Together we are CHAMPS!"

-Coach Matt Harris

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