CHAMPS FUNdamental Training Program

Empowering Kids for Success with Sport & Life Skills

Training Program Design

CHAMPS Fundamental Training Program meets once per week for four weeks. Each training session builds on the previous one. This allows kids to learn, acquire and practice the essential sport and life skills that improve their performance, health and well-being.

"Building Skills Inside and Out"

Unlocking Potential: Our primary mission is to empower kids by providing them with a set of practical tools and strategies. These tools help kids set achievable goals, navigate their emotions effectively, enhance concentration, and develop essential social skills that extend far beyond the game.

Active Learning: We engage kids in a world of activities and games specifically designed to make learning fun. These interactive experiences allow children to put these strategies into action while simultaneously honing their foundational sports skills such as coordination, balance, agility, and the importance of teamwork.

Cultivating a Champion's Mindset: At the heart of our approach is the cultivation of a champion's mindset. Kids actively practice these mental and physical skill strategies through a series of weekly challenges. This ongoing practice ensures they can smoothly transition from preparation to peak performance, both on and off the field.

Join us on this exciting journey where kids are empowered, learning is playful, and a champion's mindset is the key to unlocking their full potential. Sign up today (Registration opening Fall 2023)

To request an after school FUNdamental Skills Training Program at your school or need more infomation, email